Cookie Notice (deprecated)

A feature that allows users to display the Cookie Notice bar on the site.

Accessible for the Community (paid), Developer and Business plan users only.

This feature will be removed from the Patchstack App soon!

Setting up the Cookie Notice

To set up the Cookie Notice bar, do the following:

  1. Click Enable Cookie Notice
  2. Edit the text in Notice Message input
  3. You can change the Acceptance button text
  4. If you want to change colors, add the HEX color codes (without #) to corresponding fields
  5. In case you have a Privacy Policy page, you can enable it by clicking Enable Policy Link and setting a Policy Button URL
  6. Choose for how long the Cookie Notice is accepted by the user. You have options to
    • Ask again after user re-opens the browser
    • Ask again after 1 week
    • Ask again after 1 month
    • Ask again after 1 year
  7. Lastly, you can choose the opacity of the Cookie Notice background

When everything is set up, click on Save Changes and visit your web app!