Grouping your applications makes management easier

This feature is accessible for the Developer and Business plan users.

You can attach your domains to multiple groups.
Grouping makes it easier to distinguish your domains from each other.

For example, if it is important to know, where the website/application is hosted, you can attach it to a group (e.g. call it GoDaddy, Hostinger, Plesk...)

Creating a Group

To create a group, click on + Create group button at the top of the page.
You can give this group a name, attach the firewall rule modules to it, and select your applications, which should belong to that group. Use the toggle buttons!

When done, click Done.

To read more about the custom firewall modules, check the Protection page in the Patchstack App.

Attaching Group to your domains

To attach groups to your applications:

  1. Find the domain from the list
  2. Hover over the Group column and click on the + icon
  3. Toggle the groups you wish to attach to that domain
  4. Click Update

Detaching a Group from your domain

To detach a group from your domain:

  1. Hover your cursor over the group
  2. Click on the small white delete icon which appears on the group itself
  3. Searching domains by Group

    You can filter your applications by groups by typing the group name into the search bar at the top.
    You can filter your applications by groups by selecting the group name from the filter next to the search bar.

    Modifying and managing your Groups

    To modify the groups, click on Manage groups from the submenu of My Apps page.

    You can see all your groups from this page. It shows, how many firewall modules and applications are attached to each group.
    You can modify the groups by clicking on the small gear icon on the group tab.