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On the Logs subpage you see the dashboard of firewall activity across all your applications.
Let's go over the sections of this page.

Threats Blocked

This section shows you how many attacks have been blocked across all apps. By default, it shows the results for the last 30 days. You can also choose to show it last 7 days, by clicking on the filter at the top right corner of this section.

In the left column, you can see the number of blocked threats. The green dots represent days. By hovering your cursor over the dots, you can see how many attacks on which day did your sites receive in total.
From the picture above we can see that Patchstack has blocked 1522 threats in the last 30 days. And on the 26th of April, the applications connected to this account got 26 attacks in total.

Firewall Logs

In this section, you see the log entries across all your apps connected to Patchstack. This table shows by which rule the traffic got blocked.
When you click on the row, the popup appears, which will show you all the detailed information about this log entry.

Top IP Addresses Blocked

This section shows, which IP addresses your sites have received the most attacks from - during the chosen period of time (by default "Last 30 Days").

Top Blocked Requests

This section shows, which requests were blocked across all your web applications during the chosen period of time (by default "Last 30 Days").