Accessible for the Developer and Business plan users only.

On the Modules subpage you can view and manage your firewall rule modules.
A firewall module contains a collection of firewall rules. They can be assigned to sites directly or attached to a site group.

Patchstack comes with two built-in modules:

  1. OWASP Top 10 Protection
  2. WordPress vPatches (read more here)

Both modules are attached to your sites by default. If needed, you can detach those modules from your sites manually - click on Options and choose Attach apps.

Creating a firewall module

To create a Firewall Module, click on the "+ Create Module" button at the top right corner of the Modules page.

  1. Type the name for your module into the Module Name input
  2. Attach the rules you have created to your module by toggling the sliders
  3. Click on "+ Create Module"

We are now taken back to the Modules page, where we can see our own module in the list.
It shows us, how many rules are attached to this module and how many apps have been directly connected to this module.

Attaching module to apps

To attach / detach module to your sites, you can click on "Options" on the according Module and then "Attach apps".
A popup will open, where you can check, which sites to attach to this module.

You can then close the popup.