Site Groups

In the Site Groups subpage you can create groups and attach Firewall Rule Modules and Sites into one group. You can see the existing groups on the main view.

The site group box shows you, which modules and sites are attached to the group.
At the top right corner of the box, there is a button "Options". Clicking on it, you can choose to edit or delete your site groups.


Creating a new Site Group

To create a new Site Group, click the "+ Create Group" button at the top right corner of the page.
You will be directed to the page where you can create a new Site Group.

Select, which Firewall Modules you wish to attach to this group and which sites will be attached to the group.
After selecting everything, click on "Create Group".
You then will be redirected back to the Site Groups page.


Editing the Site Group

To edit your site group, click on "Options" button and then choose "View" (see the image below).


You can then change the group settings as you wish.
After making the changes, click on the "Update Group" button.