Sites overview page for managing your sites

On the Sites page you see a general overview of all the sites you have added to the Patchstack App.

Here you can:

  • See the status of your site (online / offline)
  • Tag your sites
  • See the status of vPatching
  • See the general statistics of your sites components
  • Add and connect a new site
  • Remove your sites from Patchstack App

Searching your sites

Manual search

You can search for your sites by typing your domain name into the search bar and pressing Enter.
On the right side, you can choose how many sites to show on one page. You have options to show up to 20 sites per page.

Instant search

You can also search for your sites without even being on the Sites page.
Just hover your cursor over Sites and search from there instantly.
By clicking on the domain, you can open up the site.

What’s Next