How does it work?
Once you start an annual plan with us, you will be charged for the entire amount right away and you will be charged every year for that amount unless you add more sites, adjust selected addons, or have more than 5 team members on your account.

What if I add more sites to my account?
If you add more sites to your account after you already paid, we will charge you at the end of the day depending on how many sites you added and how many days are left until the next invoice. For example, if you started your plan on January 1st and add 1 site on July 1st, we will charge you 50% of the amount. Once it's January 1st again, you will be charged 100% for all sites and other services you have added to your account.

What if I remove sites from my account?
If you have 3 sites and paid for it and you remove 1 site, you will not receive a refund but instead have 1 open slot that can be used to add another site to your account. If you decide to keep 1 slot open then the next invoice will only charge you for 2 sites and the open slot will be removed.

What if I turn on/turn off addons or add more team members?
If you turn on addons such as the white label and malware cleanup addon or add more team members to your account, you will be charged right away for the addons and at the end of the day for team members for the outstanding amount depending on how many days are left until the next invoice, as described above.

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