How to generate security reports?

You can generate a website security report for each website you have connected with Patchstack.

You can find the reports if you log into your account and look for Reports from your left-side menu in the Patchstack app.


To generate a security report you need to:

  1. Fill "Select Website" with the website URL you want to generate a report of.
  2. Click "Select Month" to choose a month you want to generate a report of.
  3. Click "Generate Report"
  4. Then you will see two options - Download Report or Copy Report URL.

*The download URL of the generated PDF report is valid for 1 week after it has been generated. You can also choose to download the generated PDF file to a local drive.

You can also use the Auto Saving feature.


By enabling that, Patchstack will generate the reports for you and you can download your reports at the end of each month.