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Developer report

The Developer report feature is available for the Developer and Business plan users.

To generate a Developer report, navigate to Reports page in Patchstack App, or click here:

Developer Report is a periodic PDF security report. It means you will need to pick a time period (two dates), in which the data is shown on the report.

The developer report shows:

  • Actions suggested to improve the security of your site
  • Statistics and detailed information about:
    • amount of vulnerabilities on the site at the moment;
    • amount of new vulnerabilities that were identified;
    • amount of vulnerabilities that have been solved during that period;
  • Software overview - shows which plugins and themes are currently present on the website and what is the status of each component
  • Shows the total number of attacks blocked during the period
  • Shows the top 3 threat types and top 3 attacking origin countries
  • Shows which attacks were blocked by vPatches, basic firewall rules, and custom firewall rules

Download an example of the Developer report here!