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Accessible for the Community (paid), Developer and Business plan users.

.htaccess features

On the .htaccess features you can modify some of your site settings and modify your .htaccess file.

What you can do:

  • Add security headers
  • Prevent default WordPress file access
  • Block access to debug.log file
  • Disable index views
  • Forbid proxy comment posting
  • Prevent image hotlinking
  • In case you wish to write custom .htaccess rules to the file, you can insert your rules to Custom .htaccess rules textfield.
    Additionally, you can select if your written rules appear before or after the Patchstack rules in the .htaccess file.

    Please note that If the custom .htaccess rules provided there break your web application, Patchstack will automatically remove them and revert the .htaccess to the previous working state.

    Having done all your changes, click on Save settings at the bottom of this section.