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Seats and team features are available on the Developer and Business plan users only.

On the Team page you can manage the seats. The seat management feature allows you to add sub-users to your account to which you can assign specific permissions and/or sites.
When you add a new user, they will receive an email with a link to activate their account.

Available Roles

  1. Owner: Full control of all users and sites of all users, only 1 owner can exist.
  2. Admin: Full control of all users and sites of all users, but cannot alter owners or other admins.
  3. Manager: Full control of all sites of all users, cannot modify users.
  4. Member: Read and write access to sites assigned to this user, cannot modify users or delete sites.

In order to attach a site to a user, go to Application > Action Button > Attach To User.

Adding a Seat User

To add a seat user, click on “Add Seat User”.
Add a name, email address and role of the seat user.

Note that you can only add email addresses that have not yet registered in Patchstack.

After adding the user, you can see the added user in the table below.
An invitation was sent to that email asking to register an account on Patchstack App.

Attaching a Seat User to the Site

Now you can choose, to which applications would you want to attach the freshly added user.
For that, scroll down to the Applications table. You can see all your applications in this view.
Click on “Action” and “Attach To User” on the corresponding application.

You will be shown a popup, where you can choose, which seat attaches to the site.
Pick the newly created user and click on “Attach”.

Now the new user can manage the application from their own Patchstack App account.