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Does Patchstack have a free version?

How does Patchstack free version help you?

With the Community free version:

  • You will be the first to know about new vulnerabilities!
  • You will save time by monitoring all your websites from a single dashboard.
  • You will be notified if any of the installed plugins or themes have security issues.
  • You will get simple actionable suggestions to secure your websites.
  • You will spend fewer resources fixing WordPress security issues (avoid expensive clean-ups).
  • You can worry less about your website’s security and focus on your work.

What does Patchstack Community (Free) version include?
Detect security issues before hackers take over your website:

  • Detect the latest security vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins.
  • Detect the latest security vulnerabilities in WordPress themes.
  • Detect the latest security vulnerabilities in WordPress core.
  • Receive real-time alerts to email if any security vulnerabilities are found.
  • Have a central security dashboard for up to 10 websites (via the Patchstack App).

** What’s the difference between a free version and paid version? **
The free version of Patchstack only detects and notifies you about the vulnerabilities in the plugins, themes and core version your sites use. The paid version of Patchstack will also protect against the attacks on your site.

Take a look at Patchstack pricing here.
Take a look at the Patchstack plugin in the WordPress repository here.