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Error code 22

Error code 22 is the internal code we use for “temporary IP ban”. If you see this error even though you are a legitimate visitor, there can be multiple causes.

Mostly this error is caused by the Generic OWASP firewall module. This provides very aggressive protection and has a higher chance of false positives, so it is only recommended to enable this on sites with a low number of plugins and do not run some sort of e-commerce environment such as WooCommerce.

You can turn the Generic OWASP module off, when you navigate to Sites > > Protection.

However, if that didn’t help, check the next steps:

  1. The real visitor's IP address is not properly forwarded to your application, either due to a proxy server or another plugin that overrides it. This causes the IP address of the server or proxy to be logged for all visitors which can block all traffic.
    We have a setting to override the IP header we use to retrieve the IP address. To find it, go to Patchstack App > > Protection > Additional settings > Scroll down to IP address header override setting. For example, if your host tells you it's in $_SERVER['IP-Header-X'] then you enter IP-Header-X in the text field.
  2. You have a plugin installed which sends a suspicious payload behind the scenes which ultimately triggers our temporary IP ban feature.
  3. The error page is cached by a caching plugin. We send error code 403 when this error is shown so this should never really happen unless the cache server is configured incorrectly.
  4. Make sure that you have whitelisted the proper user roles for your site. Check the user roles whitelist settings, by navigating to Patchstack App > > Protection > Additional settings.

The temporary IP ban usually lifts within 30 minutes. You can start a chat with us and provide the URL of the site so we can investigate the exact cause and fix it permanently.