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Accessible for the Community, Developer and Business plan users. Community plan users have only one alert trigger, and that cannot be modified.

On the Alerts page you see an overview of the latest alerts and the alert triggers.
Alerts are notifications, which can be delivered to your email or Slack channel.
Note that firewall and activity logs are synchronized with our own server 4 times an hour. This means that if you have an alert configured for an entry in the logs, you will get a notification about it within 15 to 30 minutes of said action.

To see the details about the latest alerts, click on the small arrow icon to the left of your domain name.

On the right side of the page, you can see the Triggers section.
Triggers let you customize and receive relevant notifications.

Triggers are used to get notified about:

  1. Component events
  2. WordPress activity events
  3. Security monitor events
  4. Firewall logs events

You can view the built-in trigger rules by clicking on the Action and Edit buttons of the trigger.

To set up custom notifications, you will have to create a trigger.
You can create a trigger by clicking on + Create Trigger on the top right corner and following this article.