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This integration is for the Developer and Business plan users only.

On the Integrations page you can integrate your Slack account with Patchstack.
That way you can set up Patchstack alerts and send these to your own Slack channel.

Setting up the Slack integration

To integrate Slack, click on “Integrate Slack”. You will be taken to Slack.

  1. Check the settings and click “Allow”.
  2. You will be taken back to the Patchstack App, with a success message.
  3. After clicking “OK”, you’ll have to insert your channel name.
  4. Insert your channel name ( e.g #alerts ).
  5. Click on “Save & Send Test”.

You should now receive a message to your Slack channel.

To get real alerts to your Slack channel, you will need to create an alert trigger and set it to send alerts to Slack. Follow this tutorial.