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Error: You have entered an incorrect reCAPTCHA value on Login Page

Solution 1: The easiest solution is to clear the cache, try to login from a different browser or incognito/private browser mode.

Solution 2: If the first solution doesn’t work, it is necessary to deactivate the plugin manually. Please complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the /wp-content/plugins folder via FTP (see different FTP clients here);
  2. Find and rename “patchstack” folder into something else, like “deactivate_patchstack”;
  3. After you log into your dashboard, you can rename the folder back from "deactivate_patchstack" to "patchstack";
  4. Disable reCAPTCHA from the settings in Patchstack App, by navigating to
    Patchstack App > > Hardening > reCAPTCHA