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Signing up

To sign up and start using Patchstack, navigate to
From there you can sign up two ways.

Registering your account manually:

  1. Enter your full name, email address
  2. Add your phone number by selecting the dial code and entering the number. This will be used to send you a confirmation SMS
  3. Make sure to add a strong password. You can later enable two-factor authentication
  4. Click the sign up button
  5. You will be sent a 6 digit code via SMS. Depending on your location, the SMS message will show up under the name Verigator, our SMS integration partner, or under a regular phone number

Signing up using Google, Github or LinkedIn:

  1. Click on the desired service provider and complete the authentication process.

Below is the screen you can see after successful sign-up. From this view you can add your first sites to Patchstack.