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Accessible for the Community (paid), Developer and Business plan users only.

The activity logs display a large number of events that occur on your WordPress application. They are stored for 12 months after which they are archived.

On the Activity page, you can:

  1. Enable / disable the activity log
    Disabling the activity log is useful, when your site has a lot of activity. For example, the activity log database may become too large on dropshipping ecommerce sites, where huge amounts of products are being constantly imported. On such sites, we’d recommend disabling the activity logs.
  2. Enable / disable logging the failed logins
    This will store the failed login entries WordPress activity logs database
  3. Enable / disable uploading the failed login logs to Patchstack
    This will sync the failed login entries from WordPress activity logs database to Patchstack App logs
  4. See, what sort of activities have been done on the site.
  5. Search for activities by username or IP addresses