How to install or reinstall the plugin?

You can get the zip file and upload the plugin to your WordPress site with Site ID and Site Secret Key already inserted.
For that:

  1. Go to Patchstack App. Then navigate to Sites > > Plugin & API
  2. Click "Download Plugin"
  3. Go to your WordPress admin page, click on Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin
  4. Upload the zip file
Please note that you can use the same .zip file on only that site.

Another way is to install the Patchstack plugin from WordPress Plugins > Add New > Type "Patchstack" to search.

  1. Install and activate the plugin
  2. Get the Site ID and Site Secret Key from Patchstack App (go to Sites > > Plugin & API)
  3. Go to your WordPress admin, navigate to Settings > Security and insert the keys there

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