Manual Installation

Let's set up the Patchstack plugin manually!
First, log in to your WordPress.
Navigate to "Plugins" from the admin menu and click "Add New" from the top.

  1. On the right side you see the "Search plugins..." search box.
  2. Type "Patchstack" to search box
  3. Click on "Install Now" button
  4. Click "Activate"

You are now taken to the Patchstack plugin's setup screen.
To connect the plugin with Patchstack App, you need to enter your API key into the plugin.

You can find API key on the "Manually install plugin" column in the Patchstack App (see image below).

Copy and paste it to your WordPress site's API key field.
Click Activate from WordPress.

Congratulations - Patchstack is now up and running on your site!
If you want to have your site protected, you can click on Activate for $9 on the App button. You will be directed to set up billing and have protection enabled.

In case you got lost in the setup process, you can always find your keys when you navigate to
My Apps > and click on Settings in the submenu (or the green gear icon next to your domain name).

API key is on the right side

API key is on the right column