Automatic Updates

Update your vulnerable components automatically

On the Automatic Updates subpage, you can see which sites have auto-updates enabled. You can turn automatic updates for each of your sites on or off.
Patchstack also has an option to only auto-update the components which have vulnerabilities detected.

Automatic Updates feature is available since version 2.0.11. So, if there is no possibility of turning auto-updates on, make sure you have the latest version of Patchstack installed on your site.

For each site, you have the following options:

  1. Auto-update only vulnerable components (recommended)
  2. Auto-update WordPress core
  3. Auto-update plugins
  4. Auto-update themes

On the picture we can see that one site has the old Patchstack plugin version installed, so we cannot change the automatic updates settings.

Turning on Auto-Updates

To turn on the Auto-Updates feature, click on Change in the corresponding table row.
You will be shown a popup (see the image below).


To activate any of the options, toggle the buttons.


Keep in mind that updating components could potentially break your site, but for safety reasons, it is recommended to auto-update at least your vulnerable components.

After toggling the buttons, click Update.