How do I connect Patchstack with multisite environment?

You can set up Patchstack on each of your network sites as easily as you would set it up on the regular sites.
Keep in mind that each site will be added to the app individually and will take up a slot on your account, which means you will be charged for each one individually. Every subsite of your multisite network will have individual Site ID and Site Secret Keys which have to be inserted correctly.

Here are the steps to take to install Patchstack on your multisite network.

Step 1: Installing Patchstack on the multisite network

To install Patchstack on the multisite network, the easiest way is to do it via the Patchstack app.
Navigate to Sites on the app and click on "+ Add Website" (at the top right corner).
Type in the name of the domain ( including https:// ) and press Enter.
Click on Add Website.

You are then shown a popup like this:


You can safely enter your WordPress username and password into the corresponding fields. Patchstack will connect with your site and install the plugin automatically. Please note that the login information is not stored on our end.

After inserting your credentials, click on Install Patchstack Plugin.

You will be taken back to the site dashboard:


Click on Reverify and refresh the page.
Patchstack should now be successfully installed on your main network.

Step 2: Activating Patchstack on your network

You now need to activate the plugin on all your sites.
Let's jump into your WordPress site.

  1. Go to your Network Admin on your WordPress admin
  2. Click on Plugins
  3. You should see Patchstack Security there. Click on Network Activate

After activating the plugin in your whole network, you will see a Patchstack screen as on the picture below:


Step 3: Adding your subsites to Patchstack

If Patchstack didn't already add your sites to the app automatically, you can do so manually as well.
Head back to the Patchstack Sites page, where you can click + Add Website.
This time, enter your subsite URL (e.g

You will then see this popup again - click on Plugin already installed this time.


Copy the Site ID and Site Secret Key and insert them to Patchstack plugin of your subsite.

  1. From WordPress: My Sites > Network Admin
  2. Click on Patchstack in the admin menu
  3. Click on Edit Settings on your subsite
  4. Insert the Site ID and Site Secret Key of this subsite from Patchstack App

You may check your Patchstack app now. If you see no alerts, your plugin is running correctly.
If it isn't, feel free to write to our support chat!