Pricing Plans

Patchstack has three different pricing plans available: Community, Professional and Business.

Whether you are a security enthusiast, business owner, or a web development agency, you should find the perfect plan on our pricing page.

Here are short descriptions of all our plans:

Community Plan

Community plan is a free plan, which lets you manage up to 99 sites.
Although this plan does not protect sites from attacks, it helps you to find out if any of your WordPress site's components have vulnerabilities. With this plan, you can update all the plugins of your site directly from the Patchstack web app.

Professional Plan

Professional plan is ideal for businesses or people whose websites run on WordPress. This plan protects your website(s) from vulnerabilities with automatic virtual patches, which block malicious traffic until security updates become available. It has many easy-to-use configuration options for keeping your sites secure.

Business Plan

Business plan is suitable for web development agencies whose main focus is on WordPress. Offering recurring services to hundreds of clients, Patchstack makes websites and security management much easier. With the business plan, you can send white-labeled periodical security reports to your customers. Also, it lets you have 5 seats on your account, so your whole team can focus on managing and securing all the sites from one platform.

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