Scheduling Reports

This feature is for the Developer and Business plan users only.

If you have clients to whom you want to send reports regularly, scheduling the reports can be highly beneficial. The reports will be generated automatically and can be accessed from the Patchstack App at any time.
Reports will be available for download on the Reports page.

Note that report scheduling is a paid feature of Patchstack.

Creating a report schedule

  1. Go to the Reports page in Patchstack App
  2. Click on the + Create Schedule button at the top of the screen
  3. You will see a popup as such:

  1. If you are on a Developer plan, pick your site URL from the left dropdown menu and click Save. Developer plan users can only have reports scheduled monthly. If you are on a Business plan, you can also choose to schedule the Maintenance reports, as well as customize some report settings. Business plan users can have the reports generated weekly basis. Having done your choices, click Save

Editing a report schedule

To edit a schedule, head to the Scheduled reports tab on the Reports page.

You can see here all the sites that have the reports scheduled.
To edit a scheduling, click on the gear icon on the row of the domain.

You will see a popup as such (note that the popup contains settings for a business plan user):

If you are a Business plan user, you can toggle the switches in order to customize the data shown on the PDF reports. Also, it is possible to upload your custom logo (to whitelabel a report).

After making the changes, click on Save button at the top right corner.